Sunday, August 11, 2013

What is MOST important to you?

The other day I was playing with my kids at the local Early Years Center when I found myself engaged in conversation with a woman probably a few years older than myself. She was there with her daughter, who was 4 years old. She was very open and talked to me about her struggles with post-partum depression, the hospitalization she faced because of the severity of it and the 7 medications she then began taking. Over the past 4 years she has managed to wean off 5 of them but still is taking 2. She claimed that because of the medication she gained 65 pounds very quickly. Since then she has tried a variety of ways to lose weight - Weight Watchers, Herbal Magic, online programs and others. All were unsuccessful for her. She alluded to the fact that she believes she is unable to lose the weight because of the last 2 medications. I remained mostly quiet but it was obvious to me exactly why nothing was working for her - it wasn't the medication, it wasn't that the programs weren't effective, it had to do with something else entirely.

In describing her weight struggles with me, she claimed, "nothing worked for me. Well....I would lose weight but not quickly. So I figured I might as well just eat what I want and be happy instead."

Two issues with this statement:

1. She was losing weight - should be considered a success right? The speed at which weight is lost isn't important. It's safe to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Any more than that can be unhealthy and oftentimes is related to water weight. The problem is we want things FAST. We aren't willing to put forth CONTINUOUS effort. A couple days here, maybe a week or two when we're really motivated and then....well....screw it. One of her issues was that she never worked long enough at something to see the results she was hoping for. When it comes to losing weight or sculpting the body, consistency is absolutely vital. Time will pass anyway, might as well be spending it taking care of you and creating the body you want.

2. She isn't happy with her weight, it was obvious in the short time I spoke with her. Yet as unhappy as she was, she placed more value on immediate gratification rather than her long term happiness. It's definitely challenging for many people to find that determination and discipline, but by continually choosing immediate satisfaction that is contradictory to your long term goals, you are reiterating to yourself and those around you that your overall goals aren't important. You have to determine for yourself what you want MOST and realize that there is a huge difference between that and what you want right now - if the two are not aligned, it's time for you to decide which will hold precedence in your life.

So answer me this: What is MOST important to you? Now go base your every day decisions on that answer and be unwavering in your commitment to achieving this goal. There you will find success.

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