Friday, September 5, 2014

A Day of Food

I get requests on a regular basis from people wanting to know what I eat. What does someone studying Holistic Nutrition eat all day? So I thought I would share what a day of eating looks like for me. I will be blogging more in depth specifically about the choices I make when it comes to food, but for now, know that my food choices all have a purpose for my body specifically. I am studying Holistic Nutrition at the Canadian College of Natural Nutrition (which I am utterly obsessed with). I used myself as a case study recently and was surprised at what I found, considering I pride myself on being a healthy eater. Turns out those little indulgences here and there have added up, and when you combine that with a sensitive stomach and 10 months of pregnancy (read: being overly careless with food choices) well...I was a bit of a mess. Again, I will go into more detail in an upcoming post about the functions of these foods but here are the basics:

I recently found out about Crio Bru and had to try it. I am sensitive to caffeine (amongst other things) so I can't do coffee ever, which is fine since it's acidic in the body, but sometimes I need a lift (especially since adding in a third baby). Crio Bru is made from cocoa beans which are full of antioxidants, contain magnesium and zinc and other minerals, produces a natural high (think chocolate!) and provides a natural boost in energy. I start my day with a cup of this on an empty stomach and add in 1T coconut oil

Next, I juice fresh vegetables and fruit. I have been juicing every day for the past few weeks and I wasn't sure I had noticed a difference until one day I was running late and couldn't be bothered to juice or worry about the clean up. Boy did I pay for that! I had no energy for much of the day! My favourite is a large handful of greens, half a lemon, a chunk of ginger and a green apple. So refreshing and now I crave it as soon as I wake up

About half an hour later I make breakfast, which may not look like a "typical" breakfast. This day was 2 hard boiled eggs sprinkled with sea salt, a handful of Mary's Crackers with hummus and guacamole as a dip, and a kefir smoothie made with 1 cup organic kefir, a banana, 1T hemp seed, 1T chia seed, 1/2 cup frozen cherries and my probiotic powder.

The last meal was a bit much for me, so I didn't eat until 3 hours later (which is the max I'll wait before eating again). This was my lunch - some organic baby tomatoes, half a yellow pepper, a carrot pulp muffin and a mix of almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. I ended up adding a banana too since I was still hungry after all this

My afternoon snack was around 3:30 and was a black bean brownie, full of fiber and totally satisfies my sweet tooth.

Dinner was just before 6:00 and consisted of this mix of grains I found, a piece of local corn on the cob, and some falafels (not shown)

I also had a snack later that I didn't take a picture of, which was Skinny Pop popcorn

And there you have it - nutrient dense meals that make my cells happy