Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holiday gifts for the health lover

I think I am the easiest person in the world to buy for. I live & breathe everything to do with health. Endless options right? Not everyone agrees, so I have compiled a list I feel covers anything a health nut could need or want

1. Workout Clothes

Time for a confession. My closet is stuffed with workout bras, tanks, shirts, sweaters, pants, capris, etc. etc. etc with a teeny tiny section of "normal" clothes. Us Moms fitness buffs can't get enough of the comfy, cute workout clothes. My favourites come from Lulu and Under Armour. I find the quality of both companies great, they both hold up through rigorous workouts, constant washing and vent well when I'm a sweaty mess (HINT: If you're unsure of a woman's size, buy a size smaller than you think. Trust me on this one)

2. Basket o' goodies

Who doesn't love getting a basket full of goodies? Throw in the receiver's favourite things and cover it all! Healthy snacks, books, fitness accessories, home made treats, tea....the options are endless and makes a thoughtful, personalized gift

3. Books

I am obsessed with health books. From nutrition, to fitness, to aromatherapy to yoga and everything in between. It wasn't too long ago I cleared my shelves of the fiction and "easy" reads (okay maybe I left a few Nicholas Sparks books,I mean who doesn't need a good sob fest every now and then???). The Oh She Glows cookbook is just about the only cookbook I use and it's #1 on my gift giving list. Every single recipe I have made of hers has turned out delicious

4. Salt lamp

Salt lamps emit negative ions (similar to nature) which help purify the air, providing many health benefits, such as improved respiratory functioning. They are extremely relaxing and a beautiful addition to any home!

5. Diffuser

A diffuser has been one of those additions to our home that I am just smitten with. See #6 for what exactly to put in it

6. Essential Oils

Essential oils have been life changing for my family and I when it comes to being empowered with our health. I have so many oils and I use all of them in a variety of ways. The Family Physician kit from DoTerra is where I began, and has all the oils most commonly used. DoTerra is my go-to as they are certified pure therapeutic grade, I wouldn't use anything else on my little ones!

7. Vitamix

If you have an unlimited budget, or a group of people contributing to a gift, a Vitamix is a must! I use mine daily, mostly for smoothies, but also for a variety of soups, baking, grinding oats and flax seeds, nut butters....the options are endless! Any recipe that calls for a food processor can utilize a Vitamix, and it's cute sitting on the counter!

8. Steamer

Don't settle for less than 3 tiers when you purchase a steamer! Steaming veggies is the BEST way to cook them as most of the nutrients remain in tact and available to your body, unlike other cooking methods. Cook a variety of foods at once or cook in bulk to prepare you for the week.

9. Juicer

Yet another appliance I use on a regular basis. I enjoy this one from Breville, I've been using it for a few years now without incident. Juices are a great way to get nutrients straight into the cells.

10. Gym Membership or classes

There's a fine line between the perfect gift and a complete insult when it comes to this one. If the person you are buying for wants to get into shape or try something new, a gym membership or passes to a fitness class (ahem BOOTCAMP!) or yoga is the perfect gift. Don't blame me though if this ends up being an insult - decide wisely!

11. Fitness Equipment

The top of my list for fitness equipment is dumbbells. These adjustable ones are my favourite, as you don't have to store and pull out a zillion different dumbbells, they're all in one.
Besides weights, some of the best equipment to incorporate into a home gym include:

- Exercise ball

- Resistance bands

- Pilates bands

- Medicine Ball (a 10 pound ball should be good for most)

- Kettle bells (I like the option of 3 weights. If I had to pick I would stick with a 10 pound one)

12. Cute training shoes

Seriously, how cute are these shoes, I'm in love! While I wouldn't recommend buying someone shoes for running (they should be specially fit to avoid injuries), I'm all for gifting someone shoes for a general purpose. This specific pair are meant for weight lifting. I'm one of those women who would prefer a cute running shoe over heels any day!

13. Loose Leaf Tea

I am a huge fan of herbal tea, especially through the winter when I'm cold ALL day and night! I start my day with hot water, lemon and honey and continue on with a variety of herbal tea - green, ginger, licorice root to name a few. There are so many health benefits with herbs! One of the issues though is not knowing what's in our tea. So many of them are full of toxins and artificial ingredients, which you can read about here. Loose leaf tea is a better option and the brand linked above is one I would trust wholeheartedly. I haven't tried them (YET!) but I have followed the blog from the beginning and know that Angela only accepts the healthiest options, and is very meticulous in what she chooses to put into her own body. An added bonus to loose leaf tea? Having cute little things like this guy to enhance the tea drinking experience:

14. Gift Cards

See above for your options!

Good luck on your holiday shopping, I hope this list helps make the experience a little less stressful!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Full Body Plyo

I did this workout yesterday and my butt is really feeling it today!

Let me know how this goes, I was done after round 2!