Saturday, January 10, 2015

NEW Year Resolutions

We are 10 days in to 2015, how are you doing with your resolutions? Or maybe you're officially taking a stand against the idea of setting goals once a year? I know some people who balk at the idea of such a mainstream task - setting an unrealistic goal, failing at said goal and cruising through the next 11 months until it's time for another goal. When I used to work out at a gym, I would always dread January. The gym would be packed solid with newbies set out to accomplish their goal of losing weight or getting fit. I'd begrudgingly work my way through the place, using whatever machine was open, knowing all too well that in 6 weeks at least half the newbies would be gone. In 12 weeks, 90% would have disappeared. I just had to be patient and wait out their dwindling sense of determination.

I was talking to my Dad this week and casually asked him what his resolution was, if he had any. He responded with "oh you know, it's the same thing every year, to lose weight." I sat silently, my logic wrestling with my emotions. How sad is it, I thought, that someone could spend years of their life wanting the same thing, never really achieving it? I wondered the same of all you - do you seem to have the same resolution year after year, or month after month? If you do, what has prevented you from achieving it?

I am a firm believer that if you want something badly enough, you CAN achieve it. It just takes some work and and consistency. And perhaps a few useful tools as well. I was recently flipping through an older book of mine (The Body Sculpting Bible for Women by James Villepigue & Hugo Rivera) and came across a formula I had highlighted back when I started my fitness journey:

S = D x (T + N + R)

S is the success that you achieve in your program.
D is your determination to succeed
T is your training
N is your nutritional program
R is for rest

Write that down somewhere and really meditate upon it. Which part(s) of the formula have you been missing? Are you determined enough to follow through with your plan (because I assume you have already mapped out the steps necessary to achieve your goal)? Is your training intermittent or occurring only when it's convenient? Is your nutrition on track? Are your resting to allow your body the opportunity to strengthen and heal? If you have been feeling like a dog chasing it's own tail when it comes to results in your health, it's time to evaluate where you stand.

Break your big goal into specific mini ones and ACT. Quit spending so much time planning, and start acting. If you find yourself straying from the goal yet again, perhaps it's time to evaluate your goal itself - is it something you really want or is it a standard you feel stems from society's expectations? And if it is something you really want, are you placing other things ahead of it in your priority schedule? Maybe you don't want this so badly after all. If that's the case, you need to shift your focus. Quit focusing on setting this goal that, in the end, isn't important to you after all. You certainly don't want your self esteem to become tied up in the constant failure.

Maybe you need an accountability partner, or someone to help you create your plan. I find fitness and nutrition to be two of the most overwhelming facets of life. There are so many opinions and thoughts and beliefs when it comes to both that in the end, when faced with 500 options, people throw in the towel, finding more peace within their comfort level. If that's the case, hire someone to help guide you, someone who knows their stuff and can lay out a concrete, workable plan to guide you along your journey. Money invested in health is money very well spent.

Comment below and let me know your resolutions. Let me know what your roadblocks are, or have been. Let 2015 be your year!

Cheers to your health xxoo

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