Wednesday, April 1, 2015

6 Herbal Teas for Health

I find in the winter months the majority of my daily fluid intake comes from tea. I tend to always be cold, especially when I wake up in the early morning as our furnace kicks in the same time I get up. I always begin my day with a tea of some sort. Being a future Holistic Nutritionist, my approach to food has evolved immensely this past year. More often I choose foods based on therapeutic effect on my body, which is an ever-changing need. Sometimes I may need energy so I include Matcha in my smoothie. Other times I feel weak and fatigued so I include Blackstrap Molasses into my smoothies (great for iron!). If you are going to be drinking tea, you might as well ensure your body is benefiting somehow from them. I created this graphic for you - 6 herbal teas that I find myself recommending over and over to clients. Drink up and heal your body!