At Home (or in-office) Workshops 

Experience a truly educational and interactive night from the comfort of your own home. Choose from the list of available workshops listed below or create one based on interest and need. Classes are 60-90 minutes in length and are jam packed full of information, tools and resources. Participants will be provided handouts, tools and resources pertaining to the topic

Cost - $15 per person, minimum 5 people, with the host being free of charge

Boosting the Immune System Naturally
In this 60 minute workshop, learn how foods, mood, movement and environment can positively or negatively affect the immune system. Learn natural methods and tools to boost and support the functioning of this very important system

Superfoods for Improving Overall Health
Superfoods are foods considered to have the highest amount of nutrients per serving. Learn about and explore 10 of the most common superfoods and the ways each of them contribute to improving health. Learn hands on ways you can incorporate them into your diet and come ready for samples!

Reducing Your Toxic Load
Discover the areas of your life you encounter the most toxins (you may be surprised!) and find out how to get rid of them to enhance the quality of your environment inside and out. From the food you eat to the cleaning products you use, learn the harmful effects of the top toxins we encounter and the alternatives you can begin using now

Intuitive Eating 101
Learn how to say no to calorie counting, stop weighing your food and experience freedom from food restriction, fad dieting and body shaming. Learn what your cravings mean and how to create personalized food plans based on the needs of YOUR body. Connect with your body to improve your overall health and well-being

Natural Stress Reducers
Chronic stress has become a widespread problem in today’s society. This epidemic is leading to chronic physical and mental health problems. Learn what stress is, its effects on the body and how to better manage stress in your own life through applicable tools, food, supplements, movement and breath work.

Stretches and Exercises to combat sitting
Does your job entail sitting all day? Does your lifestyle include hours of stillness? Learn the best yoga and stretching moves to combat the effects of sitting – from tight hips to rounded shoulders and over stretched upper backs. Learn ways of incorporating movement into your day that will help reduce and even reverse the negative effects of sitting.

Eating (and living) for Energy
Do you experience the 2:00 slump? Does it take you a significant amount of time to roll out of bed in the morning? Are you addicted to caffeine and/or “energy” drinks? Find out the downfalls of such methods, and learn new, natural ways to increase your energy using nutrient dense foods, yoga movements and breathing exercises.

Food Label Reading & Supermarket Smarts
Have you ever wondered what that little white rectangle is on the food products you buy? Do you actually know what is in the food you eat? Learn how to read food labels and look for common hidden ingredients. Learn the ins and outs behind healthy supermarket shopping, what to watch out for, and marketing ploys to draw you in while destroying your health. Knowledge is power!

Green Smoothies
Have you wondered what the hype is behind these green monsters you keep hearing about? Find out the benefits of green smoothies, specific ingredients that boost your health and learn how to build the perfect smoothie based on your body’s needs. Be ready for samples!

Healthy Eating 101
Are you confused about what diet is best for you? Do you wander the grocery stores, filling your cart with the same old thing? Learn the very basics behind healthy eating. Dispel myths, get to the bottom of what constitutes a healthy food, and discover how healthy for one person won’t mean healthy for you.

Self-Care for women
Because you can’t give to anyone with an empty tank, learn the powerful reasons self-care is a must in your life. From busy Moms to professionals, you will explore a variety of self-care tools to bring home with you and start incorporating into your life in a way that works with your lifestyle

Journaling for Health
Learn about the powerful healing and health benefits journaling can have on the health and well-being. Discover the variety of journaling types, how to get started and be ready to explore some simple yet thought provoking journal prompts. Participants are asked to bring a blank journal with them

Eating for Digestion 101
Did you know that about 80%of your immune system is found in your gut? In this workshop, learn how to care for your gut by mindful eating practices. Learn the basics of how the digestive system works and how you can improve it’s functioning which may result in less bloating, gas, cramps and fatigue while improving energy and well-being

Yoga & Green Smoothie
Join us for a one hour relaxing yoga class followed by a delicious, nutrient packed green smoothie. A mini workshop on the benefits of green smoothies and simple ingredients to include will be given so you have tools to take home with you to recreate your own version of this green monster

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