Hello health lovers!

Welcome to Rachel's Fitness & Wellness, I am so glad you joined me here. My goal behind this space is to create a movement in the way women view and approach their health. I aim to educate others on everything nutrition and fitness related. The core problem I come across with my clients is twofold:

1. A lack of knowledge
2. A sense of overwhelm

Sound familiar?

I hear it all the time:

"Which diet should I follow - Paleo? Low carb? Atkins? Keto?"
"I'm eating healthy and working out but not losing weight, I don't know what to do"
"I'm bloated all the time, have headaches every day and am always exhausted"
"I go to the gym and have no idea what to do"
"I can't get rid of my baby belly"
"I just want to lose 10 more pounds"
"I am cutting out carbs, then I should lose weight"
"I have no idea where to begin so I just keep doing the same thing and getting the same results"

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to health, and understandably so when we are inundated with conflicting research articles, media portrayals of what health should resemble that are far from healthy or realistic, and pressure from society to look a certain way. We have learned to go outside ourselves for the answers when really all we need to do is connect with ourselves and our bodies


I am the Rachel behind Rachel's Fitness & Wellness.

I have always had an interest in health to some degree. When I was a teenager my Mom introduced me to the world of Holistic Health and healing. She was certified in Herbology, Colour Therapy and Hypnotherapy, and of course I was a test subject on a regular basis. She talked about healing from within and the strong connection between body, mind and spirit. She bought Louise Hay's book Heal Your Body, and thereafter, anytime I had an ailment, she would race to that book to figure out what was going on with me emotionally and psychologically (hey, you have a pimple - that represents an angry outburst. What are you angry at?). When she suddenly died in 2004 only 2 weeks after a cancer diagnosis, my world was rocked and I struggled through every day. My thinking began to unconsciously shift as the shock of this loss forced me to dive deep into retrospect. I knew that her lack of self care and appreciation for her own health directly caused her death. I was angry about that. The loss I was going through could have been prevented had she taken steps to put her health a priority.

So when I was pregnant with my first child in 2008 I began my own journey. The first book I really dove into was Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Recharged, which introduced me to the idea of processed foods versus whole foods. I was hooked and surprisingly intrigued. When my second child was born in 2011, already quite knowledgeable in the field of nutrition, I shifted my focus onto fitness. I started lifting weights, signed up for obstacle races, 5K races, a half marathon and researched all I could about the physical body. When my son was 18 months old I competed in a bikini competition and had never been more proud of all my body was capable of.
It was around that time I completed a course in Personal Training, thanks to the not so subtle suggesting from a few people in my life. I practiced on a number of friends and much to my surprise I was getting daily messages from Facebook friends, asking about fitness and health, wondering what kind of classes I was running and wanting nutritional advice.

Do you want to know the amazing thing that happens when you start listening to your intuition and following what your heart tells you to follow? The universe sends you messages that confirm your choices, and you start attracting people and experiences to align you with that calling.

So I started a really small class with 4 participants, and I shone. Normally very much an introvert who always struggled with anxiety in social situations, I finished that class on a high. I was overcome with excitement and absolute joy. I had found my place in this world. I started class a bundle of nerves and doubt, and ended on a high that gave me multiple sleepless nights as my spirit sang. Rachel's Fitness & Wellness was born. In 2014, right before my third baby was born, I signed up with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Holistic Nutritionist, which I graduated as in December of 2015. I now run multiple Bootcamp classes a week from my home gym, do Personal Training for a limited number of clients and will be introducing Yoga for women and children in the summer of 2016 after graduating from the 200 hour YTT program at Yoga by Sarah.

I eat, breathe, sleep, sweat and cry health. It is a topic that sparks a fire within me and though this path wasn't one I could have predicted, I know with every ounce of my being that this is my calling. I am driven by the change I see in the women I work with - their physical strength, yes, but more than that - the evolution of confidence, self-respect and belief in themselves. I am inspired every single day

I am so far from the 8 year old girl who sat in front of the mirror crying because she thought she was too fat to be loved

I have evolved from the 14 year old girl who starved herself, then purged when she finally ate because she didn't feel worthy of existing

Are you ready to evolve?

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