Consider this Day 1 of your journey to health, abundance and freedom.

Hi, I'm Rachel, the face behind this space (more about me later).

Now that you are here, there is no going back. If you are anything like my current clients, you have been feeling that tug. The nudge, letting you know that you are capable and worthy of more. Hear me out, because I have been there, and I get it.

My goal behind this space is this:

To provide women tools and knowledge in order for them to find freedom in their lives.

Freedom in their body through abundant health.
Freedom in their soul through regular self-care practices.
Freedom in their minds through clarity and alignment.
Freedom in their choices through empowered action.
Freedom in their lives through intentional living.

I have a toolbox jam packed with resources, tips, tools, knowledge, programs and guidance for women of all walks of life with varying needs.

See, I am a single Mama to three young, beautiful souls, and I have a wealth of knowledge and skills not just through my education, but through tough life experiences. Many, many, many challenging experiences. We can dive into that deeper when the need arises, but if you happen to be interested in the education side of things, here is what I have to offer:

B.A in Psychology
M.Sc in Education
Personal Trainer
Fitness Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Yoga Teacher
Holistic Nutritionist
Reiki Practitioner
Reflexology Practitioner

Those are just a few examples of my formal education. I have more, but I fear you might not make it to the end of this page :)

Now, tell me about you.

Who are you? What are you seeking?

Are you looking for a fitness program to get you to the next level?
Are you tired of your food choices, and are looking for a variety of healthier options?
Do you have no idea what kind of diet to follow, but you know for sure that what you are doing isn't working for you?
Are you feeling lethargic and needing more natural energy?
Are you feeling depleted and looking for ways to get back to YOU?
Are you dealing with anxiety, and seeking out some alternatives that don't include medication?
Are you interested in becoming a, entrepreneur, to get out of the 9-5 grind but have no idea where to begin?
Do you need a life accountability coach to ensure you are consistently moving into the next level of your life?
Are you looking to feel more vibrant and full of life?

What does freedom mean for you at this time in your life? And what will it take for you to get there?

I eat, breathe, sleep, sweat and cry wellness. It is a topic that sparks a fire within me and though this path wasn't one I could have predicted, I know with every ounce of my being that this is my calling. I am driven by the change I see in the women I work with - their physical strength, yes, but more than that - the evolution of confidence, self-respect and belief in themselves. I am inspired every single day.

I cannot currently take on any more new clients, because I want to be able to fully be present for my current clients, and cannot do so with a full plate. But stay tuned. My business is evolving and growing, in order for me to serve more women without risking my own health (because I am an absolute people pleaser and need to help every single person who asks me).

I am blessed to have a need to expand and grow, so I thank you for being a part of this evolution.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, if you need me, please click on the "contact me" tab to the right


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