Higher Vibes Cleanse - $50

Experience a new level of health with a customizable 7 day cleanse incorporating fresh juices, smoothies and whole, nutrient dense foods. Experience freedom from food cravings while exploring your emotional connections to foods through an intuitive process. This cleanse incorporates a 100+ page e-book with a load of information as well as 50+ recipes including whole foods, smoothies and juices. The goal is to restore balance in the body, allow the digestive system a break from the everyday grind and to clear out any built up toxins through the meal plan as well as other optional and suggested tasks. As the cleanse proceeds participants have noticed greater "clean" energy, elevated moods, less bloating, clearer thinking and weight loss. Note that this is a guided cleanse, done twice a year (transition into Fall and Spring), when bodies are most imbalanced. All cleanse participants have access to a private Facebook group for support and lifetime access to the guided cleanse anytime it runs at no extra cost!

** Note: you should not participate in this cleanse if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have diabetes, taking blood thinners, your current health is weak, you are underweight or have a history of disordered eating **

Enjoy working out with this 31 day song challenge! There are 31 workouts which include a link to a new song via YouTube and instructions on cueing through the song. Each workout is less than 5 minutes long and requires no equipment! Designed to improve cardiovascular fitness and strength conditioning in a fun new way!

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