Health & Life Coaching

Over the last few years I have worked with hundreds of women who have felt the tug for more in their lives. They have spent some time feeling disconnected and have sought an opportunity to once again feel empowered.

I work with my clients in co-creating a life they love by unlocking their deepest values and desires while breaking down barriers, false beliefs and limited mindsets. The evolution I witness when working with my clients is nothing short of breathtaking. From fearful and uncertain to confident and empowered – there is nothing more inspiring and powerful.

I am looking for women who are ready and feel the pull for more.
Whether you want to be stronger and healthier, or are struggling with personal relationships, dealing with anxiety or depression, or confused about where you want your life to go, my goal is to help you find clarity, build confidence, set goals and see results by offering you easy-to-implement tools, asking the right questions, and reflecting your story back to you through another perspective.

I use a variety of tools and methods from my degrees in Psychology and Education and my training and experience as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki & Reflexology practitioner, and Mama to 3 young children.

I will only be coaching a limited number of women each month so that I can really focus on serving them deeply and authentically. I won't accept everyone, I am looking for women who are ready to up-level their lives.
These are some of the qualities I am seeking:

● You are ready to leave your comfort zone and start living with purpose
● You are lacking fulfillment in your life and want to dive into what is missing
● You want to improve your nutrition or fitness, but have no idea where to begin
● You want to set goals that align with your highest values and purpose (which we will explore together!)
● You are ready to surrender to a new experience and be willing to explore new things

The women I have worked with in the past have found immense growth in their fitness level and overall health, found greater clarity in their life's purpose, increased self-esteem and self-love, peace and freedom never before experienced, an abundance of internal joy, and so much more! They have discovered their own beauty, strength and power and have found ways of harnessing those qualities to create a life they are excited about. Without adding overwhelm.

If you know me personally, you know that I'm a teacher at my core. I am results oriented and provide solutions and strategies that fit the woman I am working with – no cookie cutter approach here!

Our sessions take place weekly (I find consistent accountability the best) via Skype and will cover whichever topic(s) is most pertinent that week.


Upon expressing interest in any of the coaching programs, you will receive an email containing important documents and questions to really begin exploring exactly what you want to get out of our time together and pinpointing what really matters to you. Each week you will be asked to fill out an accountability worksheet to share with me your progress, homework updates and new concerns that may have popped up.

60-minute Intensive
We'll take a comprehensive look at what's going on so we know what to tackle first and start taking action on immediately.

60 minute Skype calls
Our weekly calls will cover your questions and concerns, progress reports and really diving deep into what your current needs are. We get crystal clear on how you want your life to look and feel and start to create that life through actionable steps and goals.

Unlimited Email Access
A lot will come up during our time together, and I want you email me whenever it does! I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Customized Resources & Recommendations
You will receive articles, podcasts, videos, book recommendations and any other resources I have access to that I feel would be perfect for your unique journey.

If you would like to chat with me for a free 15 minute strategy session to see if we are a good match, please email me at We can discuss your needs and how my coaching services will add value to your life. We will discuss the various packages I have available and, if you would like to move forward, I will send you an application form.

(Have a pen and paper at the ready to take notes. I plan to offer a LOT of value).


Monthly coaching is available at the cost:
$280 for one month
$720 for 3 months
$1,200 for 6 months

All the power and answers are within you, it's time to tap into them!


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