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Being a Mom is HARD! Worrying about getting healthy meals on the table (does Kraft Dinner count?), calling your fitness routine the time spent chasing after wild kids, to mountains (literally) of laundry, errands, groceries, taking care of sick ones (even if you are sick), attempting to keep the house relatively clean (but really only when company is coming), to chauffeuring everyone around all over the place....I'm tired and overwhelmed just thinking about it!

What if I told you it doesn't need to be this chaotic? What if I could hand you a bag of tools to help you manage it all? What if I could wave a wand and sprinkle passion and purpose back into your life? What if I could show you a way to bring fitness and health back into your life so that your days are full of energy and a sense of calm? What if I invited you down a hallway that lead you to your biggest dreams?

Sound like a fairy tale?

Good thing I believe in Fairy Tales. I am a Mommy to 3 little ones (7, 5 and 2). I have degrees in Psychology and Education. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and work one-on-one with women, guiding them toward intuitive eating and bringing them to a place of optimal health through nutritious foods that work for their body. I work with women in the fitness industry as a Bootcamp Instructor and Personal Trainer, working toward goals and building body confidence. I am a Yoga Instructor, guiding Mamas toward their center, finding a space of calm. I am also a chronic goal setter and dream achiever, believing in the importance of living outside your comfort zone and making steps toward whatever dreams you have - big or small.

And I teach you how to do the same.

Over the years it has become apparent to me that women (especially Moms), are in crisis mode the majority of their day. They live in overwhelm yet put self-care last on their to-do list. Hormones become imbalanced, adrenal fatigue sets in, moods are affected, energy levels are depleted....and thus begins a downward spiraling of their health and consequently the health of their families. I have created a very thorough holistic coaching program in response to this obvious need which transforms lives. If you experience overwhelm on a regular basis, struggle to find balance, need to revamp your nutrition or fitness habits or need clarity in your life, this program is for you. Here's how it works:


In order to navigate through this program in an organized fashion, I have created what I feel are 10 important pillars of well-being. Together we work on what is most important to you and will likely touch upon each of these pillars to some degree. You may begin to see how interconnected they all are and once we simplify one, another one will start to feel lighter and more balanced.

Our starting point is based on our 90 minute intensive conversation where I dig to find your goals, desires, current situation and current roadblocks. I may provide a specific fitness plan, meal plan or recipes for household cleaners. I will link you to podcasts with information pertinent to your journey. I will recommend books, provide prescriptions for wellness (such as 10 minutes of daily solitude) or provide a customized yoga routine. You will always walk away with tools and tasks to enhance your journey. We ramp up your self care routine and cut out the things that are weighing you down. Every task you are assigned or resource you are provided is unique to you and your journey.

The 10 pillars of well being we work through and balance are (in no particular order)

1. Nutrition
2. Movement
3. Self Care
4. Passion & Purpose
5. Relationships
6. Sleep
7. Stress Management
8. Reducing toxic load
9. Mindfulness & Gratitude
10. Fear


Welcome Packet
Upon expressing interest in any of the coaching programs, you will receive an email containing important documents and questions to really begin exploring exactly what you want to get out of our time together and pinpointing what really matters to you. You have an optional free 30 minute Skype session with me to answer questions you may have and to really get crystal clear on what we need to accomplish.

90-minute Intensive
We'll take a comprehensive look at what's going on so we know what to tackle first and start taking action on immediately.

60 minute Skype calls
Our bi-weekly calls will cover your questions and concerns, progress reports and really diving deep into the pillar you are currently focused on. We question, clarify and design your program and I provide you with additional resources and tasks

Unlimited Email Access
A lot will come up during our time together, and I want you email me whenever it does!

Customized Resources & Recommendations
You will receive articles, podcasts, videos, book recommendations and any other resources I have access to that I feel would be perfect for your unique journey.


One 60 minute session - $129
1 month (2 sessions)- $225 ($112/session)
3 months (6 sessions)- $600 ($100/session)
6 months (12 sessions)- $1,000 ($83/session)
1 year (26 sessions)- $1,800 ($69/session)

Still not sure if this program is the right fit for you? Sign up HERE for your free 30 minute consultation with me via Skype. Simply choose a date and time that works best for you and you will receive an email confirmation with instructions

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