Holistic Nutrition

My belief is that the body has an innate ability to heal itself when given the proper conditions. I believe taking care of ourselves begins with nurturing our own environment - our body, mind and spirit. Graduating as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in the Winter of 2015 after a long love affair with nutrition & healing, I am thrilled to guide and provide you the tools you need to eat for your health - something that is very much an individual experience. I do not promote one type of diet or lifestyle. Instead I work to find the root cause of whatever it is that ails you (fatigue? headaches? acne? anxiety?)and work to heal from there. Too often we try to heal the symptoms though medication, creams, caffeine and other methods which are only temporary solutions, often leading to further symptoms.

My goal is to provide clients the information and tools they need to empower themselves in their own lives, and to take control of their own health and well-being. Let's do this.

Customized Nutritional Plan $225

Begin with a 90 minute consultation with Rachel either in person or via Skype where a complete, in-depth analysis of your body's imbalances, symptoms and history will be completed. Meet again in one week for a 60 minute follow up session to go over your customized nutrition package which includes an in depth analysis of your body and it's imbalances, lifestyle suggestions, specific food suggestions (and why!), a 3 day meal plan, recipes and supplement suggestions. You receive a 10+ page report outlining specific balances within your body, meal plans, supplement recommendations and other tools, resources and information needed to improve your overall health and wellness.

One-on-One sessions $60
(60 minutes)

Book a one-time or follow up session with Rachel to dive deep into your nutritional needs. Rachel will work with you to create a realistic short-term nutritional plan that takes into consideration your physical goals, your unique individual needs and your lifestyle. In so doing, a customized plan of attack is tailored specifically to you and your current health requirements.

Individual nutrition consulting is ideal for those facing specific dietary needs and/or health issues and provides the education and motivation you need to reach your goals. This route is also ideal for those looking to improve their health, energy or overall well-being.

Recipes, customized meal plans and connections to relevant learning material are some of the tools you may go home with. Accountability and long-term improvements to your health are some of the shifts you may experience.

Pantry Overhaul $100
(90 minutes)
Together, we go through the contents of your cupboards and fridge, and discuss the benefits and downfalls of the foods you are buying. Recommendations for nutritious healthy food and alternatives to your favourites will be provided, as well as a shopping guide for re-stocking your pantry

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